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>> love skiing but can not get off the couch? a group of friends in salt lake city have a new idea. you scrap skis on the bottom of the favorite couch and off you go. more is on facebook. really? really? okay. enjoy that. >> thanks for much aing. here is my friend shepard smith. >>shepard: we are doing the whole hour on that. >> where is that necessary? >>shepard: absolutely no clue. people may have been enjoying another past time before they came up with that. something to do with something that looks like this. >>shepard: getting away. the news begins anew on "studio b" and the mother of two who made her first trip outside of the united states never made her flight home from turkey and her family says they are joining the search to find her.
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a bomb shell if the unsolved murder of jon benet, a grand jury now, we know, voted to indict her parents in that little girl's death well more than a decade ago but the prosecutors said no. the details on that coming up. iran claims they have done something that the united states did in 1950 and they very excited. they sent a monkey into space. the white house doesn't boy it. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" today. but there is breaking news, first from fox at 3:00, in new york city, lawmakers from both parties today unveiled the sweeping immigration overhaul with a plan that gives 11 million illegal immigrants a pass to citizenship. the proposal combines calls for tighter board security with
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calls to allow illegal immigrants to stay in the united states. the immigrants would be allowed to apply for resident status but only after new border enforcement measures are firmly in place. the sundays laid owe the plan minutes ago. >> other bipartisan groups of senators have stood in the same spot before trumpeting similar proposals. we believe this will be the year congress finally gets it done. >>shepard: this beats president obama's to the punch, really, who will unveil his own plan tomorrow. the latest push if reform comes after public opinion took a huge shift. according to the latest fox poll a large majority of voters say illegal imagreements should be given a path: 17 percent say they should be deported and 13 percent favor a guest woulder program allow only to stay in the united states temporarily. senator rubio of florida is speaking on this very matter.
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this is live. >> immigration is not simple but we have the opportunity to do it right. if we do, we will do a tremendous service to our country and to its future and briefly, i will talk in spanish. >>shepard: he is one who has been pushing this and suggesting to the republican party, look at the statistics, here, we have to make some changes. the republicans are not making changes without compromise. that is how change in washington: compromise. the democrats have given up. the republicans have given. now they have a plan. there are questions whether this could upstage the president's announcement today. carl cameron is with us. are the lawmakers doing that, upstaging the president? what is happening? >>carl: they are trying to debt people know there has been a bipartisan group, really, for about 15 years of attempted immigration reform but they have
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had it shot down. senator rubio, from cuban, florida senator, a freshman, very influential on immigration, and his participation in this is long awaited. it was a big part of the 2012 campaign that he had not gone forth with the bill. john mccain, the first big republican sponsor with george w. bush, for comprehensive immigration reform back in in te in 2000 including a path to citizenship, guest worker program, and ultimately border security and john mccain learned the hard way a lot of folks want the border secure and verifiably so before the other programs go forward. chuck schumer, the ranking democrat, said they say it is time to put partisanship aside and democrats are not looking to use this as a leverage in wake of the election which hispanic and latino voters were favoring
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democrats, not so in the case of republicans. the g.o.p. recognizes they need to do something. democrats are saying they you will not play political football. >> we do not want immigration as a wedge issue. much rather we want a bipartisan bill that soxes the problem and becomes law. >> they put their marking on it today and the president will lay out his proposals. the senate majority leader, harry reid, before the news conference announcing the plan came out, said the so-called gang of eight proposal would be a major, major priority and will get it on the senate floor and pass it as soon as possible perhaps by spring. so a lot of momentum. we have not heard from the president and house republicans who control that side of the capitol who will have their say on border security and how to get there. it is always a major fight.
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>>shepard: thank you. the gang of eight is taking questions. that is when we find out the details. we will listen to the questions. here is john mccain. >> as i have stated before, it is all about elections. the republican party is losing the support of our hispanic citizens. we realize that there are many issues in which we think in agreement with our hispanic citizens but this is a preeminent issue with those citizens. also, over the years, republicans particularly, but also democrats and all citizens have realized the reality of what all of my colleagues just stated: we cannot continue as a nation with 11 million people residing in the shadows. we have to address the issue. it has to be done if a bipartisan fashion. if we do succeed, and i think we
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will, it will be a testimonial to ted kennedy's effort years ago that laid the groundwork for this agreement. you will find this agreement has very little difference from that of the legislation that was led by senator kennedy some years ago. >> the public's attitude has changed in four years. four years ago they said, fix the border. now, they much prefer a comprehensive solution including a path to citizen >>shepard: as well as fixing the border and doing the things we have talked about. what is interesting you look the polling data it is democrats, independents, and republicans who agree, people in the north, east, south, and west grow is the public is yearning for real change now and that is going do help. what senator john mccain, said be as well. >> senator, the president will speak tomorrow on this issue.
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why do this do, a day early? >> we don't have much time. we came to an agreement this weekend and we want do move quickly. as i mentioned, senator durbin and i talked to the president and he was delighted we had come to an agreement. we will be working together very closely to try and get something done. obviously, the senate has a chance to create a bipartisan coalition because we need both parties to suck sold. that gives us a unique opportunity but we intend as senator john mccain said, the white house, the senate, and the house of representatives, all trying to work together, it seems to me at least, that senate is the most fortuitous place to move forward. >>shepard: one question so many people have, what is required for this path to citizenship to happen? carl cameron is back with us from capitol hill. karl, what has to happen? >>carl: will sponsors and advocates will talk about being
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a path to citizenship contingent on, and they will rattle off a list. first is securing the borders. that is contentious. there are some who believe the only way do secure the border is with a fence from the pacific ocean to the gulf coast. maybe say that is unrealistic and it would be porous and people could get over, under, or around it. border security first is a primary contingents. the other contingent is the e verify program which critics say could get dangerously close to a national i.d. program but would prevent illegal workers from being hired in the united states with a documentation program. how that is accomplished is also a major hurdle that has frankly left a gridlock in the past. there are many things that fall under "comprehensive immigration reform," that john mccain
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talked about. four, and, also, eight years ago, and remarkable come tear when he said that republicans are losing the hispanic vote which is a reason why he things his party will be more willing to move forward on this. john mccain not new to comprehensive immigration reform and senator rubio has been a leader in the republican party on immigration reformal. >>shepard: fascinating times. we will watch as this develops through the day. it could be getting rough for the guy who calls himself "lucky boy." he says he has squatters' rights to a maximum in boca raton. bank officials are not likely to give up a deed without a long legal fight. there is lots of news today and that is part of it on "studio b" today.
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>>shepard: the white house does not believe reports that iran sent a monkey into space.
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the white house says this could be a sign that the rogue nation has improved their launch technology which it could potentially use according to the experts for nuclear warheads. this state tv video from iran shows the monkey waving. the iranian news agency reports the team strapped the monkey into the orbit and the animal returned safely somehow but we don't know how. we do not necessity if the report is true. it is it true, when this all may have happened is beyond us. or the location of the alleged launch site, we do not know any of that. the united states profly used monkeys in the early days of the space race with the soviet union and the united states sent a monkey to space in 1950 so to they have accomplished this they made it to ther paragraph black and white tv but they is given few details about the link to ballistic missiles. they claim the nuclear program
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is for peaceful purpose only. and now, we have a technical advisor for the security world foundation which seeks peaceful use of outer space. captain wheaten served nine year the in the air force working in space and ballistic missile operations. thank now your service. welcome. the iranians have a monkey in space and got it home. we did not see the lunch or how the monkey got home, nothing. >>guest: well, you think the military would be able to see it. i will not discount their reports but they potential cloy have seen it or could not have. >>shepard: if they can use the technology, what does it say big picture on important matters outside of morningcies? >>guest: they have learned some things that could help improve the ballistic missile and re-entry technology. but if your goal is developing something of capable of being a military useful weapon, launching monkeys is not the
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motive efficient way to do that but what they may have is propaganda value. iran has put forth the technology in a space program as a way of promoting the region and internationally so if anything in the short term that would probably be the most value. >>shepard: from the outside, the iranians have a lofts domestic problems, a huge embargo against them, trade sanctions and people are suffering and their government is not very favorable locally, and they need a boost of local self-confidence. >>guest: it could help that. it sends a message to their people and the region that the regime is strong and they do have the scientific accomplishments to show. >>shepard: i cannot imagine the israelis would think too high of the monkey business? >>guest: the israelis already have their own very sophisticate
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ed ballistic missile but in the battle for opinion in the middle east, they probably certainly do not look at this as a good sign. >>shepard: all right, good to see you, thanks again. >> bank of america is now suing the young man used a law to claim the life of a multimillion dollar mansion that bank of america owns after having foreclosed on the 7,500 square foot home in boca raton and now they filed an injunction. in july, the squatter moved into the mansion without paying and the cops showed up to kick him out but they could caught in because of a bizarre legal loophole. the city may have turned off the water. and now the details. the days of free rent could be running out if this guy. >> neighbors hope so. they are losing patience and are complaining it is a tourist
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attraction. right now, the man and eight others continue to live in this beautiful five bedroom $2.5 million home citing an old law that allows vacant property to be taken over by someone who is taking care of it and paying taxes. there are legal documents but nothing suggests -- it suggests they are not leaving quietly. >> if he can do it, my opinion, honestly, if bank of america lets him get away with this it will cause a rash of the same thing happening. and it will continue to happen all over florida and california and elsewhere that has that law on the books. >> it looks like someone turns the water off. nones saw someone filling buckets and carrying it back to the house to help flush the toilets. >>shepard: i am surprised we have not seem him. i was in south florida and he has not been on florida.
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>>guest: he is laying low. >>shepard: this is the first time anything has used this to claim property. rick: it has been suggested there are 38 similar claims in the past three years but judges do not support them. a texas man was found guilty of burglary and theft as he tried to grab a house outside of dallas. bank of america is saying we are in communication with the police department and appreciate their assistance and take this seriously and understand the concern of the residents and filed the appropriate and immediate legal action to have him removed from the property. that hasn't happened yet. and now monkeys are in space. >>shepard: lovely down this time of year, if i were homeless in nebraska i would head on down. grab a house. boca raton. lovely. lovely. >> rick, thank you. they should have a party or something. the neighbors do not like it.
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he should on the doors and arow people in for tea. >>jonathan: and invite us. >>shepard: an american woman is missing in turkey and her family is flying overseas trying to find out what in the world happened to her. overseas trip first time, boom, gone. they are hurting in a big way. the investigation is next.
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>>shepard: a mother of two if new york traveled to turkey this month on vacation by herself. she did not make the flight home and now her husband and brother say they decided to fly to turkey to find her. the husband could not describe
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the pain he has endureed. >> it is not often we can be serious in this house, it is pranks and joking, and laughing, and a lot of affection, and she knows my biggest thing is hugging and that is what i am looking forward to when i see her, a hug. >>shepard: her husband safer their two sons did not know their mother was missing. the family tried to keep the children in the dark on this. and jonathan hunt is with us. what do we know? >>jonathan: not a great deal. her family seemed to have thought this ely a two week trip to turkey, a once-in-a-lifetime trip for a woman who wanted to do something more exciting but we are getting reports from turkish media the cops are looking into a side trip she took, arriving in turkey january 7 and traveled to amsterdam and the netherlands
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the day after that and from there she went to munich, germany, and back to turkey on january 19. two daze later she was supposed to leave and fly home and she texted her sister saying she was going to an area of turkey where she could find the bridge to fake pictures, one of her hobbies and the next day she was supposed to get on the plain and she never did. >>shepard: turkey is not a place where you go and disappear. >>jonathan: turkey is a big tourist destination particularly the capital. the last instance of any american disappearing near turkey we could find was back in 2005 a honeymooner on a cruise ship in the mediterranean off the coast. now, her family are left to wonder what is going on? the brother and her have traveled and they just want some answers. >> there are times where you
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just think about her and her smile, her laugh, and all the good times we have, and it just weighs down on your heart and you think, like, you wonder if you will ever have that again. she is only 33 years old, so, it is like, this cannot be the end of it. >>jonathan: "this cannot be the end of it." the brother and husband have arrived in turkey as we understand and it they were due to meet this evening at 10:26 in the capital with u.s. officials from the embassy and we are trying to get in touch with them. >>shepard: once-in-a-lifetime solo trip in turkey and you are in amsterdam and munich, hello? and back? >>jonathan: not reports are true, and confirmed by a police official, they are looking at someone she may have been in touch with on the intent.
12:28 pm
so a lot of questions. >> surprising developments in the jon-benet ramsey case, 16 years later, the lead prosecutor did not follow a grand jury decision to indict the parents. the granted jury said "indict the parents." but they didn't. the investigation into horrific and deadly nightclub fire led to three arrests now. we will tell you what police have discovered. that is coming up approaching the bottom of the hour. [ male announcer ] this is sheldo whose long day setting up the news starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour and time for the top of the news. stunning news today. it almost seemed like a hoax. it is not. more than 16 years after the unsolved murder of the child beauty queen, jonbenet ramsey, we have learned a grand jury did indict the little girl's parents if her death as everybody thought they would. that is according to the reporting of the denver post and confirmed. the information has not been made public until today. how they kept it quiet is beyond me. the story became a media sensation. we were all over it in 1996 when someone beat and strangled the six-year-old beauty queen on christmas day. the mystery has never been solved. her parents, they came under a lost suspicion. from the police. and everyone else.
12:33 pm
we in 1999, the district attorney in colorado held a news conference to announce the grand jury findings. listen to what he said. >> we do not have sufficient evidence to warrant the filing of charges against anyone would has been investigated at this time. >>shepard: analyst took that to mean that the grand jihad not indicted them but now we know the grand jury did indict them but the prosecutor said it doesn't matter what the grand jury said we don't have enough evidence. the grand jury voted to indict the parents charging them with child abuse that ends in death. can you get 35 years for that. the district attorney refused to file charges, worried he would never get a conviction. trace is in the west coast news hub. as the former -- has the former d.a. responded? >> he said he will not comment because the grand jury proceedings are secret and that
12:34 pm
is why no one said anything but he said, 14 years after he made that decision he stands by it and it was the right decision not to prosecuted we the parents. many other legal experts in colorado say even if you do not have the evidence to support your case, the d.a. was obliged by law to sign the indictment and then go to court and have the case dismissed so the process and open and transparent >> a prosecutor usually files without aid of a grand jury if you are going to use a grand jury, if you arin' to have them deliberate and vote, most d.a.'s would respect their judgment but he said he would not do that. >>trace: he maintains that was the right decision. john ramsey's attorney saying that hunter is a hero for not prosecuting the ramseys. >>shepard: as there has been
12:35 pm
all in evidence, circumstantial, but they never showed anyone else coming in the house but for the parents. >>trace: never had anything with the intruder theory. they had the note. they had piles of evidence. but when the grand jury looked at the case, one said they knew the parents and the house had done something wrong, saying and i quote, "we felt the adults in the house may have done something they certainly could have prevented or they could have helped and they didn't." the problem is, the jury didn't know which parents did what to jonbenet ramsey. if you followed the case you know in 2008 the ramseys were exoneratessed because a new d.a. had provided new d.n.a. samples from her clothing, and many critics say that evidence was not the basis for exoneration, and she died in 2006, the husband has remarried and
12:36 pm
jonbenet ramsey would be 23 years old today, and the case remains open with the police department 16 years later. >>shepard: not enough evidence. we will talk to the judge napolitano. judge, at time he said there wasn't enough evidence to prove anything. usually the way this works a grand jury if they choose to invite the prosecutors roll the dice and put it before the jury and bring the evidence out and let the jury decide. >> this is a head scratcher. as we were talking during the break, i have not seen this in my career, maybe this will happen in my personal career that a grand jury would indict someone, a form of homicide, and the prosecution will not prosecute. normally the prosecutor would not present evidence to the grand jury unless the prosecution believed we the people against whom the evidence
12:37 pm
was presented committed the crime and the prosecutor had enough evidence with which to obligate a conviction. you would not go do a grand jury with anything less than that. he was under tremendous political pressure. you remember that. i remember it. those who covered it. >> i feel like i lived this. >> me may have thrown the evidence to the grand jury and said, you decide, hoping they would indict so they could politically move on with the rest of his work and career but he got an indictment, didn't follow-up on it, and he has the discretion not to follow up, i am not suggesting he did anything wrong, it is a tremendous act of political and moral courage to say you indict, i will not prosecute. >>neil: that is how mr. ramsey saw it but some who saw this case, they would say ramsey a very powerful man with a lot of ties in the community, and it is possible that the evidence, cow
12:38 pm
not tell exactly what happened to thest but a theory was something bad happened to this child, somebody covered it up, and the fear was that someone might go do prison for something that didn't exactly happen the way they said but whatever it was you would think the justice would be able to play out. >> there has never been justice. a grand jurior broke the law by revealing what went on in the grand jury. >>shepard: i cannot believe it took this long. >> they said we don't know who did what but they should have done something. that is not enough on which to base an indictment. we don't know who did what but somebody should have done something. we have not seen the indictment or seen the crypt -- transcript, we probably never will. it is presume bring a valid indictment that the d.a. decided newt reveal to anyone, still not saying whether it ever existed but one one of the assistants s, yes, it existed.
12:39 pm
so it is a bizarre set of circumstances. usually it is the other way around, a d.a. is pushing a grand jury for an indictment and they resist rather than what happened in this case. >>shepard: this was an unusual case, local weirdness...what a period in our lives. remember those news conferences and the ramseys would shuttle people in and out and they coddled up to and reporters. they locked some up, and they realized a confession was absurd and they let them go. the case keeps going on and on and on. >> unbelievable. >> parts of australia are getting huge amounts of rain. serious problems keeping rescuers very busy and how this situation ended with incredible video next. 16 years later, everyone was saying, what do you mean there
12:40 pm
is no indictment?
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>>shepard: the rain is out of control in australia leading to the death of a three-year-old boy. rescuers have been working to save people surrounded by foot after foot after foot of water. this is video from a camera on a rescuers. it show as mother puttinger baby in a small black bag and they tooked on the line and pulled the child into the helicopter the baby and the mother are reportedly safe and sound but the weather is still a completion mess. the flooding is a tropical cyclone? >> cyclone in australia, hurricane here, and our area, the sameference. looking at the videos, this was a tropical storm, cyclone oswald
12:44 pm
that brought heavy rain with severe weather and tornadoes over the weekend. the flood crisis has rescuers reaching hundreds of people stranded by the rising waters because of the tropical cyclone, and homes were watched away and also, dealing with not only extreme flooding but they were dealing with extreme temperatures and wildfires across queensland so it has been a trying time for the folks in australia and more importantly the area of queensland. >>shepard: nasty stuff behind the united states, too. >> we have ice and freezing rain and just to make our commute more miserable across the new york city area to new england where we are seeing mainly snow but it is because the temperatures are rising so you have all this warm, moist air, moving over the cold layer of air and as it falls through we are looking at rain, freezing
12:45 pm
rain, into the overnight hours. it will move offshore, but we could see record-breaking temperatures crass the south tomorrow, 77 in new orleans, 72 in memphis, 44 in new york but we will get up to 60 by wednesday and because you will have the clash of two air masses, the cold front moving through quote have a severe weather outbreak across the mississippi river valley so new orleans, memphis, cincinnati, chilling, this time tomorrow, we could be dealing with tornado watches, severe weather watches and tornado warnings, and on wednesday, this will push east across the southeast, up to mid-atlantic, so a rare moderate risk for january has been issued by storm prediction center for the areas that you see shaded in red but as you can see from the gulf coast all the way up to the he river valley we are dealing with a threat of hail, damaging winds and tornadoes so this time, "studio b" tomorrow, unfortunately, we will deal with the threat for tornado watches and warnings and all of this
12:46 pm
will shift eastward across the southeast. so a rough couple of days in weather here across the lower 48. >>shepard: thank you, janice. three people are under arrest in connection with the deadliest nightclub fires with 230 died and dogs are hospitalized after flakes broke out in brazil, the south of brazil. a police inspector compared the scene from something from the holocaust were the crewed had to use trucks to remove piles of bodies. the amateur video showing rescuers trying to pull people to safety. the band may have caused the fire and most suffocated after they breathed in the toxic smoke and they could not fine the doors. there were piles of bodies at the exit. this is the panic outside and the investigator say the packed
12:47 pm
night club had one exit which guards locked because they not they were trying to run out on the bar tabs. the story carries many parallels to the nightclub fire in rhode island back in 2003 when investigators say the pyrotechnics killed 100 people. and now, to south florida. officials in brazil are look at several things and have arrested some folks, right? >> they have detained two members of the band and a club owner, looking to a number of possible violations. the club was built to hold 1,000 but there were 2,000 inside and health and safety permits lanced and just one exit was blocked with metal containers made it hard if people to get out, and finally the pyrotechnic flares are illegal in an enclosed area in brazil and a band member trying to grab fire extinguishers you with they
12:48 pm
failed to work. >>shepard: i saw the band tried and you can see the pictures in the gym where they took the dead from this think it is unbelievable. a is it overwhelming for the area, there are three cemeteries and they have had back-to-back-to-back funerals going since 7:30 in the morning at all three of the ceremonies. the morgue was overwhelm with the number of bodies that had to be moved to a gym and many victims are still in their teens where parents went to try and identify their dead children. >> i lost my son. he was full of life and health at 27 years. >> she has just been identified but we thought she was at the hospital. >> unsettling scenes around the gym and police would bring out a boot or other item of clothe dog help parents office their dead and, also, the cell phones inside the pants of the bodies
12:49 pm
still ringing throughout the night. >>shepard: thank you. cops in los angeles say the convicted woman beater, chris brown, is suspected in an assault of yet another major music store. now, chris brown and singer frank ocean say he is his latest victim. details on the investigation coming up. chris brown is good at some things but i see a pattern.
12:50 pm
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12:52 pm
>>shepard: convicted woman beater, chris brown, still on probation for assaulting rihanna is suspected in the assault of another singer. according to the los angeles sheriff deputy he is under investigation for assaulting
12:53 pm
frank ocean in a recording studio parking lot. according to tmz someone in the group of frank ocean started the fight but ocean tweeted that chris brown jumped him. of course chris brown is no stranger to trouble taking a bottle to the children during a cough goal with rapper's drake endodge and broke a window after throwing a fit at "good morning america" and we have author of "rethinking reputation." p.r. is not going well if chris brown. >>guest: next to the music of the eagles sea breeze is one of my favorites. as you suggest, there guy is antisocial, he is a hate are of women, if you read the extensive tweets he is essentially ill literal, but there is no better example of the abject depravity
12:54 pm
of hollywood than chris brown because hollywood doesn't care about reputation or morality or ethics. hollywood it is all about bankability. chris brown and popular. the fans love sheehan outlaw like kanye west and all these people and they enable him to do what he does so he will not stop. >>shepard: rihanna did not help by... >> he is a bad guy, this chris brown, a bad dude, with rihanna it was spousal abuse and he should have gone to jail. he got in a fight with drake and now with frank ocean. hollywood looks thor way. the p.r. guys, the agents, the record company, the movie producers look the other way and they don't stop it, they enable it and that is the culture of hollywood. >>shepard: i am waiting for
12:55 pm
someone like cherry juice to say something, the cull door that is giving the money will go, really, maybe we should take . >> they did it with charlie sheen when the music stopped and they said "enough is enough" we will not give this guy anything. this is old. the sick act has gotten sick and charlie sheen immediately got religion because he wasn't bankable. when the kid becomes unbankable, that is when he will stop. don't hold your truth. >>shepard: charlie sheen came back ready to go. i saw him the other night and he seems to have cleaned himself up. maybe chris brown will find jesus. >> when they stop enabling him but i am not holding my breath. >>shepard: no breath holding here. thank you, fraser. someone tried to kill a grammy star in a drive by firing dozens
12:56 pm
of rounds at his rolls royce. he should have a rolls royce while he crashed in an apartment building when he tried to get were he and the passenger unhurt happened at 5:00 this morning, hours after he celebrated his 35th birthday in miami at a club. police do nut have any suspects. a wild snowmobile crash caught on camera you can see the guy, look here, and it gets weirder. stay close. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast. ♪ oh what a relief it is!
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♪ hi victor! mom? i know you got to go in a minute but this is a real quick me, that's perfect for two! campbell's chunky beef with country vegetables, poured over rice! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right. >> runaway snowmobile plows into the crowd in colorado during the x games and the rider falls off. you can see it right there. he was okay. the snowmobile keeps on going. it aimed for the spectators. folks try to run and it knocked through the fence and knocked a guy to the ground. he was only

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